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Welcome to my brain-child. My veg friendly, plant passionate, happy place. This blog was my idea of a one stop shop for all things yummy. Here you’ll find veggie friendly/gluten free recipes that even a die hard burger fan can love. Come one, come all and join my mission for healthy food, healthy life!

What can I find at kalelovesquinoa.com?

Kale.Loves.Quinoa is your veg-powered, plant friendly, gluten-free recipe hub! Here you’ll find tips and tricks for living both a veggie friendly and gluten free lifestyle. I’ll share tips, recipes, kitchen tools, diet staples as well as handy resources for cooking, eating and general health and well being.

Wait, actually back up… what’s quinoa? How do you say that? I’m already overwhelmed.

Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-WAH) is a whole grain that packs a powerful punch! Quinoa provides all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein, which in layman’s terms, is awesome. Quinoa is both gluten-free and cholesterol-free, Kosher, and is almost always organic. Winning?! The best part, quinoa is a breeze to prepare… ready in 10 to 15 minute minutes, all day, every day.

Learn more about quinoa.

So what about Kale?

Let me tell you a little something about Kale.

Kale is the Elvis Presley, the Louis IV, the Queen Elizabeth of the green planet. This green goddess is a powerhouse of nutrition for our bods. One cup of kale contains 36 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 15% of the daily requirement of calcium and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), 40% of magnesium, 180% of vitamin A, 200% of vitamin C, and 1,020% of vitamin K. It is also a good source of minerals copper, potassium, iron, manganese, and phosphorus. Well doesn’t that sound fabulous?

Learn more about kale.

So, what’s my story?

The long and short of it, I’ve had stomach problems since I can remember. They were cyclical, but essentially a permanent part of my life. If I didn’t eat every 3 hours or so, I would get killer stomach aches. They were debilitating, last all night, and leave me exhausted. I took pro-biotics, I packed granola bars, I snacked constantly, but this nagging fear of missing my “snack time” haunted my days! I’d been to doctor after doctor and really didn’t get anywhere.

After a more frustrating bout of stomach aches and pains, I sought out a doctor with a different perspective. I was sick of the standard answers I’d been getting, and nothing seemed to be getting any better. I found the doctor of my dreams and she changed my life.

“I see a lot of women,” she said “with the same problems you’ve just explained to me. I’m going to tell you what I tell them.”

She proceeded to tell me that the majority of the women she sees with stomach complaints, suffer from either a gluten or diary intolerance. We talked for a long time about the meat industry, the dairy industry, the processed foods we all consume way too much of but all that aside, I knew this was coming. I’d been doing some research of my own and had a hunch gluten might be the source of my reoccuring discomfort. She went on to recommend 6 weeks diary free, followed by 6 weeks gluten free and was willing to bet I’d feel 110% better. She explained, “90% of the women who follow this plan virtually eliminate their stomach problems entirely.” Well that sure sounded tempting.

Despite all this tantalizing new information, I had a vacation coming up! So I put my dietary reboot on hold and continued to enjoy gluten and diary, tackling tummy aches one snack at a time. However, after an unpleasant encounter with a french baguette  I decided enough was enough. No more gluten!

I decided to keep the dairy in my diet, mainly because there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do for a big piece of cheese. However, aside from the physical diet change, my new fabulous doctor gave me a TON of resources, which would soon change my diet, my tummy, and my life for good! Her go to figure your ish out pick? Crazy, Sexy, Diet.

Enter Kris Carr.

Now, here’s where the life changing starts. I can’t say enough about this wonderful woman and I recommend her books to everyone and anyone especially those with dietary problems or someone who might be considering a veg-powered diet. From there, I read books, I watched films, I googled, I learned.

This whole experience inspired some serious soul searching and I came out of the other end a veggie loving, juice drinking, quinoa craving, kale munching, plant passionate, gluten skipping, vegan cooking, kitchen-ista. I changed my diet and changed my life. Was it easy? Not exactly, but once I’d made up my mind about what I wanted to put in my body and how I wanted to live, I bought a juicer, grabbed some kale, and ditched my melted brie for some homemade cashew cream cheese. And I can honestly say, I’m happier for it. It’s been a whirlwind but I love a challenge and eating both vegan and gluten-free has opened me up to a whole new world of culinary bliss and I would like to share that world with you.

Wait, there’s no meat here?! Im out…

Hold up hot stuff. I’d like to talk to you before you go. I’d like to talk to you about pumpkin sage quinoa, black bean burgers, sautéed chanterelle mushrooms, sweet potato quinoa chili, millet with fresh peaches and coconut milk, nada-egg salad, sweet potato fries, pancakes and oh. so. much. more. Are you listening? Do I have your attention?

So, do I have to be Vegan to cook like a Vegan?

You know the answer to that! Of course not, poke around, cook some veggies, and learn what you like and what you don’t! I consider myself a pretty strict vegetarian, but a pretty flexible vegan. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and sometimes I find out there really was butter in those mashed potatoes… But I’m still learning and living like the rest of us. That being said, I love my veggies, whether in whole or liquid form. So come on over, the juice is cold and the quinoa is hot!

Is going Vegan for everyone? Nope. Is Kale.Loves.Quinoa for everyone? Yes!

Veggies of choice?

Kale and quinoa…duh. That sh*t’s delicious!

So what now?!

Whether you’re a veghead, cheese nut, carnivore, omnivore, picky eater, juice connoisseur, junk food diva, or perhaps just curious and fancy dipping your toes in the big green pool of kale and collard greens… there’s something here for you.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and resources in this blog as much as I have enjoyed them in my life and tummy. I’m always around to answer questions and will do my best to respond to all comments! So for now, grab yo quinoa, grab yo kale, and let’s eat!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sam! This is Auntie Erin in San Jose–was just talking to Irene and she told me about your blog. Looks wonderful! You and Gracie are leading parallel lives in this respect so I’ll certainly pass this on to her. She spends most of every Sunday at the farmer’s market, then cooking up a storm for the coming week. I look forward to reading your recipes!

    • Hi Erin!

      Good to hear from you and appreciate you checking out my blog! 🙂 I have to say I’ve gotten very into cooking, I’ve always been into eating! Love farmers markets and fresh produce, nothing better. I’ve also recently learned that fresh herbs can make a huge difference in whatever I’m cooking. I’ll have to swap recipes with Gracie sometimes, and hopefully mine give her some new inspiration! Thanks again for the comment!


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