Picnic Pasta Salad

This weekend, I’m heading up to wine country and I’ve been charged with bringing the picnic! So I sat around and brainstormed today… sandwiches? Yeah, maybe but that didn’t sound super exciting. Veggie burgers? Those would be tricky to take in the car for a few hours. I even thought about just bringing a bunch of snacks (which I’m totally doing anyway…) and then it hit me! Pasta salad. Delish and perfect for a picnic because it can be served cold and is easy to transport!

Pasta salads typically have a whole bunch a dairy n stuff in it. Oh, not to mention pasta? Not so gluten free friendly eh? False. You fell right into that one didn’t you? Well, I’ve come up with a way to keep the awesome but ditch the dairy and not so awesome for you pasta. Let’s do this.

Picnic Pasta Salad - kalelovesquinoa

Picnic Pasta Salad
Prep time: 30min
Serves a lot! Probably 4 – 6

What you need:
1box quinoa Rotelle pasta (I like Ancient Quinoa brand, tastes just like normal pasta.)
2 zuchini
handful of asparagus spears
1 cup or so roma tomatoes
10 oz firm tofu
1/2 cup veganaise (I love Earth Balance Mindful Mayo)
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
juice of half a lemon
cayenne pepper
sea salt and pepper

What you do:
  1. Cook qunioa pasta according to package directions. You know, boil some water, stick the pasta in. You got this.
  2. While your pasta’s cooking, chop your veggies into bite sized pieces. I like to cut my asparagus into slanted pieces about 1in long. I chopped the zucchini into quarters and diced. Tomatoes sliced in half or quarters depending on their size. Chop up your basil leaves as well. TIP: Roll the basil leaves into a little twig shape and chop. Makes life way easier. Then chop again into smaller pieces.
  3. Cook your veggies. I cooked mine in the microwave, quick and easy works best for me. Let those cool.
  4. Drain your pasta, take care of business and let that cool as well.
  5. Meanwhile, make your tofu sauce. Mash your tofu up so it’s crumbled then add the veganaise, lemon juice, salt, pepper… mix that all up!
  6. Once everything has cooled, mix the veggies, pasta, and tofu sauce together. Add the cayene pepper plus any more lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Viola! Picnic time and a glass of wine.

Well now I’m hungry and this is delicious so eat up!

Enjoy veg friends. XO