I love juice. Did I always love juice? No.

My love affair started after reading “Crazy, Sexy, Diet” by Kris Karr. Go snag a copy, it’s fantastical. I mean, the health benefits in juice… where do I even start? I’ve actually now switched from coffee to juice because it really does give me that burst of energy and leaves me feeling refreshed and awake.

Green Goddess | kalelovesquinoa

Little known fact: Juice works it’s magic wonders best on an empty stomach so snag some as a mid afternoon snack or drink up first thing in the morning! Now, this might seem strange but once I made the switch my bod now craves that stuff every AM! Delish.

One last thing Kris taught me? Drink that glamorous green elixer out of wine glass. Because you’re a classy lady (or gent).

Green Goddess
Prep time: 10 mins
Serves 2

What you need:

1 cucumber (peel it if it’s not organic, this adds some prep time)
handful of kale
handful of romaine
1 – 2 broccoli stems
2 – 4 celery stems
1 apple or pear
1 tsp ginger root (approx)

What you do:

  1. Wash and prep all fruits and veggies! Trim em up and wash em good. Feel free to substitute, add more, skip some ingredients but keep the cucumber, kale, and a fruit as a base. A 1:3 fruit:veggies ratio is a good one to keep in mind.
  2. Juice!
  3. Viola. Delectable green goodness. Drink up!

Adapted from Kris Carr’s Green Goddess recipe.


2 thoughts on “Greenery

    • This recipe I juice. But I did make a smoothie this morning with kale, sunflower seed butter, almond milk, and some frozen fruit which was great!

      You can blend or juice depending on what you want to get out of it! Since juicing separates the pulp from the juice, you do get less fiber as that’s where most of the fiber is in fruits and veggies. But, since your body doesn’t have to digest all the fiber, it is able to absorb the vitamins and minerals in the juice much faster. It’s kindof like an energy boost. But blending will give you much more fiber and you can add things like protein powders or nut butters which take longer to digest but keep you going longer!

      Either way, if you’re getting those fruits and greens in your system, you’re #winning.

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